Special wagon for sale type Fs-U


Fs-u (31)





27/08 2015 - Open box wagon with tilt discharging Fs-u

We got the assignment to sell a special wagons for bulk cargos as sand, ballast, glass or any other cargo to be dump to a lorry or along the line. Built in Switzerland and used for transport of empty bottles to glass mill.  Fu SBB Totally upgraded and got new revision in year 2010. Now parked […]

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27/07 2015 - 50 pcs. Container wagons for sale

We now got the assignment to sell 50 pcs. Sggmrss wagons from CargoNet AS in Norway, built in Finland by Transtec. All out of revison but very attractive pricing. Please send mail for more information.  

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04/06 2015 - Wagon service in Luleå

From June 1st we provide freight wagons service and maintenance in the Intermodal Terminal in Luleå  

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- Caddy for Maintenance

We now got our smallest service unit ready. It´s an VW Caddy with Genset and tools for Terminal services of intermodal wagons.

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24/04 2015 - New service VW Crafter

We took our latest VW Crafter in service this week, equipped with crane, welding, genset and compressor for full service in terminals and yards.

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