Smooth, problem free and easy vehicle handling


Smooth, problem free and easy vehicle handling


Smooth, problem free and easy vehicle handling


Welcome to NetRail!

NetRail is a leading partner in the trade of innovative maintenance solutions according ECM and ISO 9001.


NetRail has the unique competence with wholy owned freight wagons and coaches, our own locomotives and to act as wagon keeper for approx. 1000 wagons.

We are present in Skåne (Scania) and Luleå

NetRail premises are located at Maskinistgatan 11 in Påarp outside Helsingborg. We also dispose of a fenced in rail yard. In Luleå at the Intermodal terminal we have available a mobile service unit for wagon maintenance and care.

Own workshop

NetRail offers our own workshop facilities in Påarp and we have plenty of warehouse space for storage of wheels, bogies and most important spare parts.

A variety of our own wagons can be offered for sale

Depending on your needs, we can offer all types of railway vehicles such as; locomotives, DMU, passenger coaches, freight wagons.

The genuine Enthusiast

Since our start in 1995, NetRail has been an innovative leader to find new solutions and to develop and provide ad hoc projects to the benefit of our customers.


First private charter train in Sweden after deregulation. Stockholm-Goteborg to TUR 2008 tourist fair with own wagons and panorama wagon number 201.
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NetRail upgraded and preserved the first built Panorama wagon number 201 from the DB Rheingold Express. First private passenger train service in Sweden after deregulation. Stockholm-Goteborg to both w…
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The first Da locomotive in green wich was an old dream for all H0 model builders to get a full scale locomotive of this famous model from the 50’s. Märklin has made a jubilee model of this loco…
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Bought, upgraded and saved 20 coaches now in traffic for Snälltåget (Transdev) and Skandinaviska Jernbanor in Sweden.
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NetRail’s own proprietary wagons designs Laags 071, short coupled container wagons for maximal cargo intake per meter of train type Laags 071.
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Classic ASEA 1929 local railway line locomotive from Lidingö. Battery and cantary driven two axle freight and snow plow locomotive now saved for the future at our premises in Påarp.
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Export to South America, in 2013 sold five Y1 DMU (Diesel Motor Units) to Uruguay and for local traffic in Montevideo suburban Metropole. Exported via Wallhamn to port of destination Montevideo, Urugu…
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H0 model of Uacns wagon for calcium carbide transports. In 2014 NetRail ordered the first Uacns 73 cbm silo wagon for Nordic Carbide in Sundsvall from Feldbinder in Germany to facilitate transport of …
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NetRail cargo wagon fleet constitutes  popular models for ROCO, Märklin, Herpa and JECO and all have made models of NetRail’s rolling stock cargo wagons.
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We provide and can offer all types of cargo-, intermodal- and/or special wagons for shorter or longer terms.

Please contact us for information on availability and prices!