About NetRail

NetRail is a leader within the railway business for innovative solutions for maintenance according to ECM and ISO 9001. Now also applying for VPI mobile services.

As a leader in the trade of innovative solutions for maintenance according to ECM and ISO, NetRail has the unique experience of our own fleet of freight wagons and coaches, our own locomotives and wagon keeper / ECM for more than 1000 freight wagons. This provides the unique knowledge and competence to be able to at all times offer the most cost effective solution for preventive maintenance, urgency repair and/or ad hoc problem solving for our customers and contract partners.

NetRail is to be found in our premises in Påarp outside Helsingborg at Maskinistgatan 11 and disposes also of a fenced-in railyard for maintenance and wagon parking South in Helsingborg. With our service team we can offer lifts, repairs and brake testing along the rail tracks where cargo wagons may be parked. One mobile team is located in Luleå.

Please feel free to contact us to be informed more about what we can offer and to discuss how we could collaborate or become Keeper/ECM for your cargo wagons.

NetRail is a member of the Swedish Private Wagon Association (SPF) and the international GCU in Bruxelles.

NetRail History

NetRail was founded in 1995.

To prepare for the planned deregulation of Swedish Railways, in 1995 NetRail AB was formed as an affiliate to Ressel Consulting AB, with the intention to offer and provide joint partnership for consultancy missions.

NetRail soon after got missions from SJ Cargo, DSB Cargo and NSB Cargo to sell technically modern state of the art freight wagons which no longer had transport tasks or were intended for use. To enhance their performance and to create an additional value, several refurbishment projects were initiated such as Hirrs wagons in 2001, Laags 45’ in 2005, Maxi Timber and Laags 071 in 2007 to adapt wagon frames and structures to new transport tasks.

Since 2005 NetRail has expanded and developed into a full scale offering of maintenance and rental company for railway vehicles. In 2012 NetRail acquired an industrial site with premises in Påarp outside Helsingborg, which were then modernized, refurbished and adopted to host workshop, inventories and office facilities.

In 2015 a new service and maintenance facility was set up in Luleå in connection to the intermodal terminal at Gammelstaden.

At the present NetRail lets and rents out locomotives, freight wagons and coaches and at the same time provides maintenance, repair and service missions subject to ECM and ISO according to instructions from the wagon owners. Focus and emphasis is on our own wagons for intermodal transports of containers and trailers.

A new additional business segment is as wagon keeper for external wagon owners. In May 2013 NetRail was certified for all four criteria and levels of ECM according the EU Directive No 445/2011 and Directive 2004/49/EC for a five year period by the Austrian Agency ERC.

At the moment NetRail is wagon keeper in excess of 1000 cargo wagons and rents out wagons and locomotives to operators (Undertakers) in Sweden, Norway and on the Continent.

NetRail AB is a fully owned subsidiary to the Ressel Invest AB Group.