Sales, rental & purchase

At the present we have available for sale some good vehicles with applications for rail maintenance, intermodal wagons, low profile wagons and wagons specialized for tunnel maintenance. Welcome to contact us at NetRail with our workshop premises located in Påarp outside Helsingborg next to E4 and E6 in NW Skåne (Scania). Our location is close to all terminals and ports in South Sweden which makes access quick and easy for our mobile service teams to provide maintenance work and repair jobs. We offer for rental freight wagons and locomotives and we work also as brokers for all kinds of railway vehicles in collaboration with our since long well established international network of sales agents. We are committed to present and propose the most cost efficient vehicle solution to match each of your specific need(s) and requirement(s). We have long experience and are experts also for export / import outside the EU with a vast track record. Experts in cost efficient maintenance and all kinds of repair work to railway undertakers (RU) and operators who own their wagons, NetRail also provide the function as Keeper with ECM status, all of which is part of our core business.

  • Preventive maintenance for freight trains   
  • On site wheel exchanges with our own mobile units   
  • Freight wagon repairs   
  • Rebuilding, adaptations and modifications of wagons     
  • Rescue, tow and transport     
  • Inspections   
  • Evaluations and appraisals for banks, financial institutes, insurance companies and M&A     
  • Certified ECM, ISO 9001 and weld EN 15085  
  • Intermodal plattforms and specialized wagons for rental   
  • Transport of wheels   

NetRail has the exclusive assignment to sell 50 Sggmrss wagons

Fs-U for sale, special wagon with dump