ECM, Entity in Charge of Maintenance

is a concept of the undertaking responsible for a rail vehicle maintenance. The device is defined in the national vehicle register.

The purpose of establishing the ECM feature is developing special units which have the technical and administrative expertise to guide the maintenance of freight cars. This will make it easier for railway undertakings to take their statutory responsibility for railway safety while creating an instrument that can be used to further develop the security. This “device” has its origins in the 2008 EU directive for “railway safety in Europe” and is used to reconcile and equate all safety standards within the European Union and the ACE countries. It is absolutely necessary and imperative to have a functional maintenance based on the EU regulation 445/2011 with a designated ECM for each wagon owners. Operators can answer for the time being via their own safety certificate for own wagons.

  1. Business management
  2.  Maintenance development
  3. Organization for control of maintenance
  4. Mobile workshop maintenance.

We can design and customize services in ECM mission on the basis of this EU directive to each wagon owners ‘ needs:

  • Provide adequate maintenance and rules for each wagon type
  • Continuous monitoring and controlling maintenance of wagons and notify when wagons to reviews and/or revision
  • Document management with data collection for each wagon maintenance status
  • Give recommendation of goods wagon repair shop as well as perform cost control and release for replacement in traffic
  • NetRail is listed as the unit maintenance officer in the national vehicle register
  • Membership in Swedish wheel pool, recording of GCU, UIP, as well as in FORD/MUDF system.
  • All the cars are insured for “global responsibility” via Insurance Advisor DVA (Deutsche Verkehrs-Assekuranz-Vermittlungs GmbH) in insurer AXA in Germany
  • mobile maintenance service teams in Skåne and Luleå
This is our certificat according ECM 445/2011.