Wagon Maintenance

Workshop for rail vehicles

In our Påarp workshop we store and repair components for freight wagons. We have both indoor and outdoor storing space and a heated workshop hall for bogie repair and maintenance.  

Exchanges of Wheels and Bogies

During recent years increased emphasis has been focused on wheel status and wheel maintenance. Wheels should be correctly stored and positioned in cradles and handled with extreme care. We have the appropriate equipment for all kinds of handling with fork lift truck, jack devices and crane equipped truck to handle wheel axles correctly with utmost care. As precaution we keep a stock of the most common wheels both for our own purposes as well as for the back-up need for our customers.

Mobile Service Vehicle

Our well equipped multi-purpose mobile service trucks can handle all kinds of mobile maintenance for the wagon. With efficient mobile maintenance you can avoid to take the wagon out of the train to bring it to workshop, which is both costly and time consuming. With our heavy truck you can conduct wheel exchanges wherever there is a suitable parking place to allow for intervention. We offer mobile service, maintenance and repair in Sweden as well as when required in Denmark and Germany.