We provide and can offer all types of freight-, intermodal- and/or special wagons.

Locomotive Rental

NetRail rents out locomotives and locomotors short and long term.

Diesel-hydraulic locos for terminal switching

Diesel-hydraulic terminal locomotor type Z66M (”M” stands for Cummings environmental engine) equipped with Åkerströms remote radio control. Presently operated by Helsingborg Harbour Intermodal terminal in cooperation with VÄTE AB.

Z 43 Locomotor

Z 43 Locomotor for lighter switching tasks. Start pull power 60kN. Scania Diesel 300 Hps, weigth 20 tons axel load 10 tons. Approved in Sweden and Liberia. In operation at Helsingborg/Vångagärdet rail yard.

SSLidJ 200

This is our local expo locomotive parked in Påarp. ASEA built in 1929 to operate Stockholm South Lidingö Järnväg freight traffic. Equipped with UIC buffers and coupling hook in B and central coupling for Stockholm underground in A.